Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Collaborative Creativity and Crowdsourcing

We began today by considering technological utopianism and a positive sense of possibility to be had through technology today. I referenced the Renaissance and the romantic views of travel and that animated the European imagination and ultimately led to America as a kind of place of possibility.

In the spirit of optimism about technology, I asked students to read "A Call for Digital Explorers" which included this video about someone figuring out how to launch a camera into space:

I also showed this short video of a woman regaining her hearing:

I then showed Eric Whitacre's virtual choir and walked through how that came to be. Please see this blog post which details all of that. For the rest of the lecture
I talked through Crowdsourcing, as well as LDS "Member"-sourcing. See these two Prezi presentations, and listen to the lecture here if you are interested.