Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome to Moby Digital

This blog accompanies English 326 - Digital Culture, a course taught by Gideon Burton and Matt Wickman at Brigham Young University during Fall 2013. We have created a course wiki to complement this blog where students can find details about assignments, etc.

Using Moby Dick as our literary test case, we intend to explore digital culture and the digital humanities in particular. How is the study of literature evolving in the digital age? What do the digital humanities offer? How can great literature, such as Moby Dick, help us to "read" the digital age? These are the core questions we are pursuing as students acquire digital literacy skills and investigate the culture, tools, and concepts surrounding digital culture and the digital humanities.

Some of the readings we will be doing will be drawn from two compilations about the digital humanities (Texts are linked from the images below). Other works we will use for research can be found on our digital culture bookshelf on Goodreads.